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Top 5 Important Wedding Cake Trends You Should Know Before that Big Day!

Wedding Season is in the air as "soon‐to‐be" brides are getting ready to walk down that aisle. Every wedding has its own characteristics that make it unique for the couple on their special day. The Wedding Cake stands in every guests mind as one of those special moments to be remembered for years to come. 2015 arrives with some exciting trends anyone who is planning for the special day needs to know. Here are the top 5 most popular designs and ideas to help:

1) The Fondant Ruffle

A classic elegant design that pairs beautifully with fresh flowers. For an added vintage look the edges of the ruffles can be airbrushed with a blush pink. To achieve the fullness of this look add pink roses with ivory and light green accent colors. Or blush pink with silver accents is a lovely touch as well.



2). The Rustic Elegance 

If you are going for a simpler design and want to stay away from fondant then you can not go wrong with a rustic buttercream design. Perfect for any outdoor wedding! This style brings classic simplicity to a whole new level.

photo credit: Chris and Wendy Weddings 



3). The Ombre

Want a new way to incorporate your colors into your special day? Try a gradient fade on your cake! The best way to achieve this is to start with the darker color at the bottom and gradually fade ending with the lightest (practically white) at the top tier of the cake. A romantic and elegant flair that can be done with buttercream or fondant.

4). The Rossette

A very popular design not only being featured at weddings but also baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays. This look is created using buttercream. Whether you want something fun and light hearted, simple and classic, or warm and romantic this is the cake for you.


5). The Naked Edge

Perhaps a cake completely covered in frosting is not your thing at all. With this cake the edges and fillings are completely exposed revealing the beautiful layers of the cake. To truly master this look we recommend adding some fresh berries that will add a punch of color within the layers. Dust the top with powder sugar, or add a light layer of frosting. This will add dimension to the different tiers. For the finishing touch add some vibrant flowers and voila you have got one show stopping cake!




These elegant, creative styles will create the atmosphere of flair and wonder that will last in the minds of all your guests on your special day! 


For more specialty cakes and designs:

"Always find ways to make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY with every tantalizing bite!"

‐ Chef Brittany


"SPECIAL WEEKLY TIP: Tasting Tip, No.1"

" Be sure to think about the vision for your special day.  This includes having an idea of flavors for your cake, knowing the colors of your wedding, do you want a theme?!  The more details you have the better we can assist you to bring an ease and joy to your tasting experience."

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