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You Will Want these Amazing and Incredible Dessert Ideas at your Next Big Event!

Photo Credit: Taste & Sea Cakery, Cookie Crumbs

Custom Theme Cookies

Custom theme-cookies in a variety of styles and flavors! A classy touch for the table display is to decorate specialty cutout cookies with your wedding colors, monogram initials or wedding date.  Want something a little more personal? Splash a little more fun and personality into your wedding! Why not have pumpkin and leaf shaped cookies if you are getting married in the Fall?  Or sea horses and shells if your venue is by the beach!   So go ahead . . . if you have a passion for Disney, incorporate those oh so loved “Hidden Mickeys” into your theme.  Speaking of “Themed Weddings,” maybe Disney is not your thing; well, you can always have “One-Ring to Rule Them All.”  Or finding “The Droids You Have Been Looking For.” 

Photo Credit: Taste & Sea Cakery , Inquiry Chef (http://inquiringchef.com/2013/02/14/chocolate-dipped-banana-bread-truffles/) 

Specialty Truffles

Who does not like chocolate!? It is rich, decadent, and a fabulous bite of all things delicious!  Having a specialty truffle for your guests is sure to impress and bring a classy flair to any wedding! As a bonus, you can fill them with a combination of different flavors to give a little kick of something extra! After all, why be ordinary when you can be extra-ordinary!

Photo Credit: Taste & Sea Cakery, The Perfect Pallete (http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2014/07/color-trend-ombre-wedding-ideas.html)

French Macarons 

A great way to incorporate your wedding colors into your table display! These delightful treats are light and completely gluten free.  French Macarons bring fun and inventive flavors and complimenting your wedding cake to the table.  Need I say more? The perfect after dinner treat but then again, why wait? Life is short: Eat dessert first!  They are made with pure almonds so you can get a little protein in before the meal as well! So, if you want your guest to have a little “tide me over” treat in between the cocktail hour and the meal this is the table favor for you!

Photo Credit: Taste & Sea Cakery, The Pioneer Woman ( http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/12/marshmallow-pops/)

Marshmallow Pops

A creative way to incorporate your favorite theme into a playful visual you guests will love as much as the taste is with Marshmallow  Pops! Create them into your favorite movie characters, or turn them into a bouquet of your favorite color scheme! Their light weight and flexibility make them easy to use and shape into many creative and tasty treats!  

Bottom line: your table favors are a great way to enhance the atmosphere and culture of your wedding.  Whether you want something classy and romantic, rustic and beachy, or whimsical and fairytale-esque you can never-go-wrong with bringing a little extra flair with edible table favors!

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Special Weekly Tasting Tip No. 3

Bring people that you enjoy to share your wedding dessert appointment. You are eating cake! This is one of the best parts of planning. Invite those that will aid in your decisions and take the pressure off to make things fun and easy for you.
— Chef Brittany