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Sweetness Made Here

When you walk into Taste And Sea Cakery you're immediately greeted by the sweet smell of freshly baked cakes and cookie&-it's a won­derful sensation and one of the many Taste And Sea experiences that'll leave you breathless. If you think the smell's good, just wait 'til you see, and most importantly taste, the delicacies com­ing out of this little Mecca for sweet-lovers from an over town.

Taste And Sea Cakery is owned and ex­pertly operated by mas1er Pastry Chef, Brittany Austin, and her team of twofull-time pastry chefs, a baker, and a delivery personal, all profes­sionally trained in the ways of wonderful cakes. cookies, and pastry delights. "It really comes down to the passion for baking and also making people happy," said Brittany. "I love the challenge of creating in the kitchen, as well as running the business side of things.

Specializing in everything from delectable European pastries to elegant wedding cakes, clients like Nordstrom. who hand selected Taste And Sea cookies to serve at an of its espresso bars from Santa Monica to San Diego. "I try have a proper balance between work and normal life," said Austin. "But again, I love what I do, it's actually fun for me to be in the kitchen creating! Making sure anyone who comes through the door has a great experience is our top priority. From buying one cupcake to placing giant orders, we want people to smile.

And smile they do, especially when they see what Brittany and her team can do cake-we're talking food as art (or art as food) Either way,  it looks as good as it tastes vice-versa. If you're having a wedding or special occasion where cake will be served, buy it here.  And don't forget to mention to your guests that Taste And Sea cake will be served. Your RSVP "yes" list will be at 100-percent in a matter of seconds - this place is that good.

-Encinitas Magazine