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Ultimate Wedding Desserts and Ideas


Wedding Cake Designs 

The Fondant Ruffle:

Classic, elegant, vintage and pairs beautifully with fresh flowers. 

The Rustic Elegance:

Simplistic, rustic, and perfect for outdoor weddings!

The Ombre:

Artistic with romantic and elegant flair! Great choice for incorporating a color gradient.

The Rosette:

Fun and light-hearted. Simple and warm. This cake is great for any event!

The Naked Edge:

Fresh and delicious with fruit! Vibrant and unique. This cake is sure to be a showstopper! 


Go Nontraditional 


The latest and most-popular trend. Delightful, fun, customizable, and yet simple. Put them on a platter or into a tree shape, easy to make uniquely you! 

Cookie Buffet:

Easy to color coordinate to your theme. Rustic and yet compliments traditional; the cookie buffet is always a winner.


Easy to serve a variety of flavors. Follow the seasons with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter pies to embrace the season of your wedding.  

Cake Cups:

New and upcoming style! Little gems of miniature 3 layered cakes perfect for individuals. Pairs perfectly with party favors!  

Dessert Table:

Don't decide on one, choose them all! Elegant, classy, and fun. Have cookies, brownies, pies, cupcakes, anything you want! This goes great with any wedding theme! 


More Desserts!

Custom Theme Cookies:

A Great way to have variety of styles and flavors that are unique to your specific wedding! Classy, decorative, and fun. Have your wedding Initials, date, or your favorite theme! Custom Cookies are always a hit! 

Specialty Truffles:

Rich, decadent, and delicious! A sure way to impress your guests and bring flair to your wedding. Combine them with different flavors and turn the ordinary to extra-ordinary. 

French Macarons:

Colorful, delightful, and gluten free! These are a fun and inventive way to compliment your cake and wedding themes. 

Marshmallow Pops:

Creative, playful, and tasty. Turn them into your favorite movie characters or any theme you desire! Their light weight and flexibility make them easy to shape into many creative and tasty treats! 


For more specialty cakes and designs:  

Chef Brittany's Top Tasting Tips

Be sure to think about the vision for your special day. This includes having an idea of flavors for your cake; knowing the colors of your wedding; do you want a theme?! The more details you have the better we can assist you to bring an ease and joy to your tasting experience.
Allow yourself to think outside of the box when choosing flavors. Remember this is your day! Don’t limit yourself to only sampling chocolate if you know you like almond cake with a zesty lemon buttercream and a dash of cinnamon to spice things up!
Bring people that you enjoy to share your wedding dessert appointment. You are eating cake! This is one of the best parts of planning. Invite those that will aid in your decisions and take the pressure off to make things fun and easy for you.
— Chef Brittany