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How to Take Your Cookies to the Next Level!


Ever been told you cannot touch a fine work of art? Well I bet you never even imagined taking a bite into one. At Taste and Sea Cakery we allow you to break the rules…in fact we encourage it.  

With our wide selection of specialty cookies, we transform the simplicity of an everyday sugar cookie into an elegant work of art. They can be a creative table decoration for any occasion.

Who says “cookies have to be simple;” that “they are not complicated;” I say cookies are the perfect pallet to allow your inner artist out. That’s right, explore your creativity, think outside the box. Challenge yourself. Try various techniques and styles you would not normally think to do. After all, you never know what you are fully capable of unless you try! And the best part is that if you mess up, instead of making that blemish into a bird or a cloud: you can simply eat it and destroy the evidence…What bird?!

A couple techniques Taste and Sea Cakery recommends to give those sugar cookies an extra POW of WOW are…

1) Royal Icing Flooding  

  • First combine egg whites with powder sugar until you reach a thick pipe-able consistency. Using a fine tip piping bag: pipe a line around the border of the cookie.  Allow it to harden. Set some of the thicker royal icing aside for later.
  • Second thin out the remaining amount of royal icing with more egg whites.(You want it to be loose and spreadable but not runny.) Spread this over the cookie staying in the lines of the border. Use as much as it takes to “flood” the cookie until the icing is flush with the outline. Allow icing to harden.
 Photo provided by semisweetdesigns.com 

Photo provided by semisweetdesigns.com 

  • Now is where it gets fun!  Use the thicker icing by either adding color for contrast or just as is. Pipe the desired detail over your cookie! Not only will this add a lovely 2-D look but it will also showcase the talented artist you are!!

Meringue Powder

  Credit: Michaels and Wilton Baking supplies!! 

Credit: Michaels and Wilton Baking supplies!! 




  • If the “flooding” technique is too complicated you can always use a specialty Wilton Meringue Powder (often found in the baking section of Michael’s) and just add water and powder sugar until you achieve a spreadable consistency.




 Credit: Michaels and Wilton Baking Supplies

Credit: Michaels and Wilton Baking Supplies

  • There is no need to “flood” the cookie by using multiple steps.  All you need to do is use a small off-set spatula to spread the icing over the cookie.  Easy right?!


  • After 5 minutes the icing will naturally smooth out and give the same appearance as the flooding technique! Lastly, thicken the royal icing to pipe finer details!


Now with every cookie having its own artistic flair you are ready for any event! For no matter where you are going cookies are ALWAYS on the menu!


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At Taste & Sea Cakery we offer distinctive cakes and pastries with artistic flair. We create desserts with a dash of elegance, a dollop of goodness, and a splash of fun. Transporting you from ordinary to extra-ordinary with each tantalizing bite.
— Brittany Austin, Head Pastry Chef